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CBR, also known as: the Central Driving License Agency in the Netherlands, is responsible for driver licensing in the Netherlands.

CBR Theory Exam – A Comprehensive Guide

Age Requirements:

  • Cars: Minimum of 16 years old.
  • Small Bikes (Mopeds): Minimum of 15.5 years old.

What Will You Learn in the Theory Class?

  • Understanding and interpreting road signs.
  • Mastery of road rules.
  • Strategies for safe driving.

Language Options for the Exam:

  • The standard language is Dutch, however, options are available for taking the test in English or other languages, potentially at an additional cost. Some facilities offer headphones providing translations of the questions.

Exam Structure:

  • Administered on a computer.
  • Varied question types including multiple-choice and yes/no.
  • Questions will cover road rules, situational driving reactions, and hazard recognition.

Passing Criteria:

  • Correctly answer at least 12 out of 13 questions on road rules.
  • Score a minimum of 35 out of 40 in the remaining sections.

Validity of Test Results:

  • Successful results are valid for 1.5 years, post which the practical driving test must be cleared.

Study Options:

  • Independent study through books or online resources is popular, but many opt to prepare for the test via theory courses offered by driving schools such as ours. 

Booking Your Test:

  • Early booking is advised due to potential waiting lists.

Retaking the Exam:

  • In case of failure, retests are allowed after a waiting period and include additional fees.

Cost Implications:

  • There are standardized fees for the exam. 

About the Theory Exam:

  • This initial test, consisting of 65 questions, is taken on a computer and needs to be completed within 30 minutes. It is a required step before moving on to practical driving lessons. In certain situations, accommodations can be made to extend the time limit to 45 minutes.

What to Bring to the Exam:

  • Your reservation number and a valid ID are essential.


Whether choosing self-study or enrolling in a driving school, preparation is key to successfully navigating the CBR Theory Exam. Early booking, understanding the test structure, and knowing the language options are crucial steps in securing your driving license in Amsterdam.




The theory exam is divided into three parts:

  • Hazard Perception: In this section, you will encounter questions that must be answered within 8 seconds. These questions present scenarios in which you must choose one of the following responses: brake, release the accelerator, or do nothing. There will be a total of 25 questions, of which at least 13 must be answered correctly.
  • Knowledge: This part involves questions about basic knowledge, such as speed limits, traffic signs, road positioning, and various factual inquiries. It consists of 12 questions, of which a minimum of 10 must be answered correctly.
  • Insight: In this segment of the test, you must demonstrate your understanding of how to apply rules and how to respond in various situations. This portion includes a total of 28 questions, of which 25 must be answered correctly.


At the exam center:
Upon arriving at the exam center, you must first register at the registration monitor. Subsequently, your reservation number will appear on the screens in the waiting area. Alongside your reservation number, one of the following phrases will be displayed:

  • “Aangemeld” means you are registered and do not need to take any further action.
  • “Spullen in de locker” signifies that it’s time to store your belongings in a locker as your exam will commence shortly. Ensure you keep your reservation number and identification with you.
  • “Ga naar start examen” indicates that it’s time to proceed to the exam starting point. You will go to the service desk, where they will assign you a seat. Once you are seated in front of the monitor, you will sign in using your reservation number. From there, the process will be self-explanatory.

After completing the exam, you will receive your results immediately. You will also receive an overview of your performance in each part of the test.

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