Exchange Your Foreign Driving Licence in the Netherlands

Are you residing in the Netherlands with a foreign driving licence? Discover how you can legally drive in the Netherlands using your foreign licence and the steps to exchange it for a Dutch driving licence. This guide provides all the necessary information for expats and international residents.

Eligibility and Terms for Exchanging a Foreign Driving Licence in the Netherlands

To exchange your foreign driving licence for a Dutch one, you must meet the following conditions:

  • Registration in the Basic Registration of Persons (BRP) in the Netherlands.
  • Possession of a valid identity or residence document.
  • Your current driving licence must have been issued in an EU/EFTA country, or a country that the Netherlands recognizes for licence exchange. This includes expired EU/EFTA driving licences under certain conditions.

Special Provision: The 30% Ruling for Highly Skilled Migrants

If you’re a highly skilled migrant benefiting from the 30% tax ruling in the Netherlands, you have the advantage of exchanging your driving licence from any country. Learn more about how the 30% ruling simplifies the process for international professionals.

Check Your Driving Licence’s Eligibility

Not all foreign driving licences can be directly exchanged for a Dutch one. Licences from EU and EFTA countries are generally eligible. If your licence is from outside these regions, check the list of recognized countries. The 30% ruling may also allow you to exchange a non-EU/EFTA driving licence.

List of Countries with Exchangeable Driving Licences

Certain countries outside the EU/EFTA have agreements with the Netherlands, allowing you to exchange your driving licence. These include:

  • Andorra, Canada (Alberta and Québec), Gibraltar, Great Britain, Guernsey, Israel, Japan, Jersey, Isle of Man, Monaco, North Ireland, Singapore, Chinese Taipei (Taiwan), the former Netherlands Antilles, and South Korea.

To qualify, you must have resided in the issuing country for at least 185 days in the year you received your licence.

Previously Held a Dutch Driving Licence?

If you’ve had a Dutch driving licence valid after June 30, 1985, and now possess a licence from a country without an exchange agreement with the Netherlands, you might still be eligible to exchange your licence for equivalent categories.

Start Your Driving Licence Exchange Today

Understanding the requirements and preparing your documents can simplify the process of exchanging your foreign driving licence in the Netherlands. For more detailed information and step-by-step guidance, visit your local municipality office or their official website.

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