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“Need a driver’s license in Amsterdam? You have to pass the CBR theory test first! We at Driving School Carlito are here to help, especially if you’re an expat or from a foreign country.

Learn Theory with Us in Amsterdam!
If you’re aiming to secure a driving license in Amsterdam, passing the CBR theory test is required, and our tailored theory courses are here to facilitate this! Whether you’re a resident or an expat, our courses, available both online and at our locations in Amsterdam, are an ideal fit. It’s key to understand that joining a course is not required to take the test; you also have the option to study on your own and directly arrange your test with CBR whenever you feel ready.


Why Join Our Course?
If you have a tight schedule and studying alone is challenging, our English courses are perfect for you! We simplify the exam process, making it fast and easy, and we have plenty of experience in helping people from foreign countries secure their licenses in Amsterdam.

Start learning with us and drive confidently on Amsterdam’s roads! To find out more or join a course click here.


Theory and exam on one day

At Rijschool Carlito, we pride ourselves on our professional approach to helping you obtain your driver’s license efficiently. With our comprehensive program, we provide theory lessons and exams all in one day, ensuring a streamlined process that saves you time and gets you on the road sooner.


Additional learning materials.

At Rijschool Carlito, we go the extra mile by providing additional learning resources. Gain access to online practice questions, tests, and exams to enhance your preparation and ensure success on your journey to obtaining your driver’s license.

Access to Extra Live Support via Zoom Classes

At Rijschool Carlito, we understand the importance of personalized support. That’s why we offer access to live Zoom lessons for additional assistance. Our instructors are dedicated to helping you succeed every step of the way on your path to obtaining your driver’s license. 

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